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Milltek Metall Polish inkl. Tuch

Milltek Metal Polish

 100ml Reiniger & Tuch inkl. - ein Top Pflege Produkt  von Milltek für alle  Edelstahlauspuffanlagen!

After years of being asked to come up with a solution from our dealers, race-teams and end-users, we have now solved a perennial problem for many conscientious owners; namely, how to restore their stainless exhaust system to an 'as-new' condition when detailing the car. After several months of testing in all markets and weather conditions, we will soon be releasing a tailored metal polish that will render any stainless steel exhaust system or metal component ready for concours or show duty, with the minimum of effort. Perfect not only for keeping your Milltek system in tip-top condition, but also any other polished or chromed parts on your car (or bike!) too.

The polish has been developed by our R&D engineers in association with leading car care experts, Dodo Juice. The result is a high shine, mild-abrasive polish that can be used on all types of metal, including chrome. Sophisticated diminishing abrasives remove contaminants initially, then refine for a mirror finish while the chemical cleaning action helps dissolve fuel, oil and soot deposits. The final finishing touch is down to the use of an active sealing ingredient helps metal resist future tarnishing. The polish has been formulated to work well with any medium resistance, short-pile cloth and is an absolute doddle to apply or remove, making the art of restoring any metal surface the work of mere minutes.

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